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Wuhan Dazhi Zhiye Information Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.


Wuhan Dazhi Zhiye is a professional market research company, which mainly designs questionnaires, conducts investigations and writes survey reports based on survey data. The types of research include brand positioning, consumer research, satisfaction surveys, product research, marketing campaigns, channel research, and mystery customers. The company focuses on market research in real estate, finance, fast moving consumer goods, automotive and other industries.

We have a strong research force. In addition to background knowledge in marketing, statistical analysis, and psychological applications, researchers also have years of experience, flexible survey methods, and rigorous work style in the consulting industry. In addition, we have hired several senior expert consultants to have high social prestige, unique insights and long-term strategic vision in the real estate, finance, fast-selling, automotive and other industries.

Contact: Zhu Fang


Add:Building 2, Hankou City Square, Jiang'an District, Wuhan, China

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