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Company Culture

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Dazhi's corporate culture is a book of love.



In the volume, you can find love, touch and warmth, which includes physical, mental, spiritual and internal cultivation. All that can be seen, heard, and felt; the external rituals and instruments of the wise men are inherently the love of the wise people, maintaining a positive attitude and a sunny attitude. Dazhi is like a leader, leading Dazhi

people to constantly strive to develop, actively explore and head for the future.




Dazhi is like a home, a home built by generations of Dazhi people.

I want to stand up and stand up, and I want to reach people.



Mission: Data consulting experts, the source of scientific decision-making;

Vision: a world-class brand in the world's data and information consulting industry;

Core Values: Touching customers, achieving employees, and repaying the society are

the core values that every sane person adheres to. Although Dazhi has been honed in

the development of the times, he has continued to grow and move forward.





Dazhi created a clean and law-abiding enterprise.



All the staff members participated in the study of honesty, law-abiding and honesty,

and signed a letter of commitment with the employees of the company to "go with

the law, honesty and law-abiding integrity management". make employees' 




The company advocates a culture of happy work and healthy living.



Regularly arrange full-time travel every year, and arrange health care therapists to consult and treat the health of the company's employees. In the team building, arrange all employees to expand activities to further enhance mutual understanding and mutual assistance; the company advocates a grateful culture for gratitude The support and contribution of the family members of the employees after the Dazhi people are organized. The family activities are organized regularly every year, and the family members of the employees are invited to participate. In the Dazhi anniversary event, the employees feel the culture and care of reaching the Zhijia; the monthly birthday party, let the employees Really feel the heart and love of the company.





professional skills and comprehensive Create and shape the positive energy atmosphere of “love, unity, loyalty and cooperation” in work and life. Create a learning-oriented enterprise, pay attention to employee learning and growth, and adopt a 101 study manual to set up a study group to 

The company has a beautiful environment  a strong cultural atmosphere.



Through the comfortable construction of the environment and the three-dimensional publicity of the corporate culture, we will establish a staff style, excellent staff team style, customer display area, chairman's message, company development history, etc., as well as establish corporate culture publicity signs in the office area and corresponding departments. Let Dazhi's employees and customers experience the profound corporate culture through cultural display.




In this home, every employee in Dazhi can feel the culture and love atmosphere of Zhijia, the "people-oriented" corporate culture

construction and the warm humanistic care and positive and optimistic working attitude.

Really practice "Dazhi has love, and the foundation is evergreen."