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Customer Name: Chengdu Vanke Property Service Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Vanke "Wanke Club" Service Research
Cooperation background: As the first customer club organization initiated by real estate developers in Shenzhen, Wanke Club has been established for many years, through sincere communication and service in the conference, to become a partner to share life with customers and help customers realize their dream of living. . Under this concept, Chengdu Vanke Property Service Co., Ltd. hopes to innovate the “Wanke Club” suitable for Chengdu.
Research purposes: 
      1. Let the owners know about the “Wanke Club” to understand the extent to which the owners accept the “Wanke Club”.
      2. Understand the areas where the “Wanke Club” needs to be improved and enriched;
      3. Understand the “Wanke Club” model that the owner expects.
cooperation method: 
      First, we will use the symposium and in-depth interviews to sort out the common appeal points of the owners, and then lock in the needs of the owners and conduct the household access to obtain the required information.
Cooperation effect:
      Let Vanke owners understand the Wanke Association, through the analysis of the needs of the owners, improve and enrich the “Wankehui”, and establish a “Wanke Club” suitable for more owners, thus enhancing the owner's satisfaction with Vanke property services.



Customer Name: China Resources Land

Project Name: 2012-2014 Vientiane City Consumer Demand and Satisfaction Research Project
Cooperation background: In order to meet the needs of Chengdu consumers, China Resources Land conducted research on customer needs through third parties, and adjusted products in 2013 through third-party consumer demand research for investment and products. Adjustments provide data support.
Research purposes:
     1. Understand the consumer behavior habits and needs of Chengdu consumers;
      2. Satisfaction evaluation of current products and services in Vientiane City;
      3. Provide advice and data support for investment promotion and product adjustment based on consumer consumption habits and needs analysis;
cooperation method:
      First of all, the research method of the symposium is to understand the consumer's consumption habits and demand profile, and then understand the specific consumption behavior habits and needs of consumption through the form of mobile street interviews, and provide suggestions for investment promotion and product adjustment through analysis of consumers. Data support.
Cooperation effect:
     Through several years of cooperation, Chengdu Vientiane City has basically satisfied the consumer's consumption needs, and has improved the work efficiency and results in the way that the team itself just thought. At the same time, the construction of Zhangzhou Wanxiang City was sought by third-party Dazhi Company. The construction of Zhangzhou Vientiane City provides data support.