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Dazhi Pinno

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Dazhi Pinuo was established in 2016, and is the only company in China (CMIR) and (China National Development and Reform Commission) China Information Association Market Research Branch (CMRA), except for North, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The industry leader unit of the two vice presidents is also the holding subsidiary of the first batch of Chengdu Dazhi Consulting Co., Ltd. (stock code: 835806), which has obtained the “Foreign Investigation License”.

Dazhi Pinuo business is based in the city, and the data collection business covers the whole country. Dazhi Pinuo will adhere to the high efficiency and high quality of the data collection business of the head office. We have accumulated rich experience and resources in the automotive, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, home appliances, IT, communications, and other industries.

Bashu ancient rhyme

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Bashu ancient rhyme

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Make more


to society


Dazhi Pinuo core values


customers to

achieve employee

returns to society

Win customers with integrity, and fulfill promises with quality to help customers succeed


Use love culture to share success with employees, share happiness, and build a happy life with employees


Work with industry partners to make progress with customers and benefit society



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Dazhi Pinuo Culture



Be a man of love, do things with all my heart, go all out, be honest and trustworthy.







Professional team process specification efficient execution deep insight


Dazhi has love, the foundation is

evergreen, mutual respect, mutual



Beyond self, wisdom alliance, continuous improvement


Challenge, active innovation, good practice



Create higher

value for


Create a better

future for our



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