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Samsung Research Lab sets up a new team to research autonomous vehicles

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Samsung Research Lab sets up a new team to research autonomous vehicles

2018/08/08 11:20
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According to TheInvestor website Beijing time on August 8, the Korean media The Bell said today that Samsung Electronics has recently set up a new team at its research laboratory Samsung Advanced Technology Research Institute to study autonomous driving.

Together with Samsung's auto parts business unit, the new team is expected to play an important role in leading Samsung to re-enter the Internet car road. Samsung Advanced Technology Research Institute usually researches some early technologies that have not yet been popularized in the mass market.

The Bell said that since Samsung has been silent about re-entering the auto business, the establishment of the new team may imply Samsung's strategic shift. Samsung was hit hard by the financial crisis in the late 1990s. In 2000, it sold its five-year auto business to the French Renault Group.

“During the leadership of Chairman Li Jianxi, Samsung often refused to mention the word car, but since his son Li Zaijun was in charge of the company, the atmosphere is changing,” the industry source said. “Given the recent advancement of the Samsung Advanced Technology Research Institute. Focusing on mass market technology, Samsung seems to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles based on artificial intelligence technology."

In May of last year, Samsung Advanced Technology Research Institute obtained a self-driving car test license in South Korea and became the first Korean company to receive this license. Samsung has obtained this license in the United States. Since the auto parts division was established in February 2015, Samsung has been expanding this business. In 2016, Samsung spent about $10 billion to acquire Harmon International, the US audio and infotainment giant.