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Purifying the banking industry's insurance environment

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Purifying the banking industry's insurance environment

2018/08/08 11:21
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Beijing, August 7th (Reporter Qu Zhehan, Ouyang Jie) Recently, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the Banking and Insurance Industry to Do a Good Job in the Special Struggle for Eliminating Evil and Eliminating Evil" (hereinafter referred to as " Notice "), the banking industry and the insurance industry have been deployed to carry out the special fight against evil.
The "Notice" requires that in the banking sector, it is necessary to focus on cracking down on illegally established institutions engaged in or mainly engaged in the issuance of loans or illegally issuing loans as the following activities in daily business activities: illegal use of public deposits, disguised absorption of public deposits, etc. Illegal fund-raising funds are distributed to private loans; exploited or assisted by black and evil forces; withdrawal of financial institutions’ credit funds, and high-profit loans; bank financial institutions’ staff and civil servants as principal members to participate in or actually control people, and many more. In the insurance industry, it is important to focus on combating organized insurance fraud.
The "Notice" clarifies that relevant departments of supervisory institutions at all levels should promptly receive and handle the clues of reporting, and handle them according to their responsibilities or transfer them to relevant departments for processing, so that each clue is implemented.