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Nanping City Deeply Promotes the Integration and Development of Cultural Tourism Industry

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Nanping City Deeply Promotes the Integration and Development of Cultural Tourism Industry

2018/08/08 11:28
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First, it is to promote the innovation and development of the cultural tourism industry through policy. Formulate and promulgate the "Six Measures to Promote the Development of Tourism Industry", and encourage the use of old factories, warehouses, characteristic industrial sites, historical blocks, campus buildings and historical and cultural famous towns, as well as rural tourism and leisure towns or characteristic villages to develop cultural creativity. The tourism industry, business culture performing arts, painting and calligraphy featuring art transactions, non-legacy cultural exhibitions and other cultural tourism states, rewards those who have been rated as national 3A-level tourist attractions and the tourism main business income meets certain requirements.

The second is to support the solid foundation of the cultural tourism industry. The city vigorously promoted Jianyang Kao Ting College, Jianye Cultural and Creative Park, Shaowu Peaceful Ancient Town Wenchuang Street Experience Project, Wuyishan Jialong Cultural Tourism Project, Wufu Town Zhuzi Cultural Park, Jianye Mudun Educated Youth Museum, Shunchang Yangkou Red Tourism The cultural tourism project such as the flower town has been accelerated.

The third is to promote the development of cultural tourism through brand building. Encourage counties (cities, districts) to dig deep into their own characteristic culture and create characteristic cultural tourism brands, such as Wuyishan - double world heritage, tea culture, Yanping District - the hometown of success, Jianyang - Zhu Xi Song Ci's hometown, Jianbenjian The hometown of Shu, Shaowu - Zhang Sanfeng's hometown, Shunchang - Dasheng culture, Zhenghe - Liao Junbo spiritual origin, China's white tea town. At the same time, some mature cultural tourist attractions are connected in series to create a boutique cultural tourism route such as Zhuzi Tour, Tea Tour, Red Tour, and Successful Journey.

The fourth is to promote the prosperity of the cultural travel with the marketing of festival activities. Held the 9th Straits Forum, the 1st Jianyao Jianye (Jianyang) Culture Expo, the Yanping Lily Flower Culture Festival, the Cross-Strait Tea Fair, the 2nd Cross-Strait Wu Culture Festival, Zhang Sanfeng's Hometown (Shawwu) Martial Arts Classic, National Taiji martial arts exhibition, the fifth Zhang Sanfeng hometown (Shaowu) international ancient road cross-country, Pucheng Dangui Cultural Tourism Festival and other activities, as well as the Xiaogong Tourism Folk Culture Festival, the Cangkeng Village of Dingdang Town, the Ding Festival, the third floor of the farming culture Folk festivals such as the Festival, Gaoping Folk Culture Festival, the Pagoda Farming Culture Festival, the Wuhu Snake Culture Festival, and the Xikou Chong Frog Culture Festival.