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Big data application

Affiliate classification

User behavior insight
● Mobile phone use, reading, and dating

● Shopper online shopping line analysis and

● Shopping behavior analysis

7"Online audience behavior research

The data era has opened up new value chains for enterprises: all aspects of business, including strategic direction, product line

planning, product development, brand positioning, business operation mode, team organization positioning, after-sales service

and organizational guarantee.

2"Public opinion monitoring

General public opinion monitoring, special monitoring, crisis warning, manuscript monitoring, marketing effectiveness evaluation,

online brand research, other media research


3"WeChat public number monitoring


4"Media word of mouth research


We base ourselves on the frontier theory of communication and look at the context of corporate communication.

5"E-commerce research

● Brand sales monitoring

● Search results monitoring
● Commodity price monitoring 




1"Full chain service based on big data


Based on the monitoring user's multi-screen terminal usage behavior data, analysis insights in various dimensions can be performed.

8"Channel optimization solution


9"Business Circle Big Data Research


Mobile operator big data

Consumer online

behavior tag


Consumer offline

displacement information


Business circle

geographic coordinates


10"Big data research application

  ● Satisfaction study
  ● Brand research
  ● Research on location
 selection of business district
  ● Competitor evaluation



  ● Market trend research
  ● Industry research
  ● Consumer U&A research
  ● Scene study


11"Data Integration Platform" (DMP)


● Out of stock status monitoring
● Promotional activity monitoring

● Product review monitoring

User portrait
● Age, gender, education, income
● Family structure, whether there are children
● Hobbies, personality and personality
● Lifestyle, values, consumption concept

scenes to be used
● Scenes used by various apps
● Usage habits in different scenariost

● ......

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