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Investment and financing manager 1


Job description:

1. Responsible for the collection, collation and analysis of investment and financing information, establishment of financing channels and provision of relevant financing statements to relevant institutions;

2. Responsible for liaison and contact with financial institutions, governments and relevant institutions, establishing information sources and good cooperative relations;

3. Responsible for real-time monitoring of changes in financing policies and preparation of financing decision reports;

4. Responsible for researching the feasibility of investment projects and responsible for design review work;

5. Assist relevant departments and intermediaries to actively seek financing channels;

6. Responsible for the management of various documents and materials within the department (credit materials, bank contracts, invoices, etc. of each company);

7. Responsible for assisting department leaders in handling other temporary work and coordination.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in economics, finance or law;

2. More than 3 years of financial related work experience, or 2 years of work experience in investment and financing commissioner positions;

3. Can complete investment and financing work independently;

4. Have good learning, communication and negotiation skills;

5, with excellent word processing capabilities, can independently write a variety of analysis reports;

6, work positively, can bear the pressure of work, has a strong sense of responsibility.

7. Familiar with financial and financial knowledge and related laws and regulations.

Remuneration package: 7000-9000 yuan / month


Contact: Ms. Liu 13980099334 White Lady 13608184456

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