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Human Administrative Director 1


Job description:

1. According to the company's business development strategy and HR strategy, adjust and optimize organizational structure and organizational design, promote organizational change, help ensure communication and coordination in the process of organizational change, and follow up the implementation of organizational restructuring;

2. Maintain full communication with various business departments, continuously improve relevant systems, processes and standards for organizational development, plan and promote the development of various organizational development projects;

3. According to the human resources strategic objectives, formulate a human resources work plan, complete the annual preparation of human resources and complete the recruitment plan;

4. Responsible for the improvement and optimization of the overall performance appraisal system of the group companies;

5. Responsible for the company's compensation and benefits management, establishing and adjusting a competitive compensation system;

6. Responsible for the management of human resources and administrative logistics of the Group's companies, drafting departmental work plans, responsible for departmental work and task arrangements, and supervising the completion of various tasks.

Job Requirements:

1. 30-45 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in human resource management or related management, with experience in the education industry is preferred;

2. More than 5 years of experience in human resources and administrative management of large and medium-sized companies, and more than 2 years of experience in management positions;

3. With modern human resource management concept and solid theoretical foundation, proficient in the practice management of various modules of human resources, good at human resource planning, team building, incentives, corporate culture;

4. Strong leadership, communication skills, excellent organizational coordination and execution skills. Strategic and strategic thinking, capable of establishing and integrating different work teams;

5. Familiar with relevant national labor laws, regulations and policies, and hold national-level human resource management divisions with priority.

Remuneration package: 8000-10000 yuan / month


Contact: Ms. Liu 13980099334 White Lady 13608184456

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